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Don't Let The Grinch Steal Your Christmas

Merry Christmas

Ever wonder why we say “Merry” Christmas and “Happy” New Year? Me, too. Why not “Happy” Christmas and “Merry” New Year? No clue. But there it is.

So, anyway, “Merry Christmas!” It is a day for celebration, family, generous gift-giving and gracious gift-receiving. In other words, it’s universally recognized, even among non-religious people, as a day when we remember and honor one another. Therefore, the expectations are high. We’re supposed to be “merry” and surrounded by unconditional love. Yet, for many, the reality falls short of the ideals presented on the media or in our imaginations. Thus, ironically, Christmas (like all holidays) can be an occasion to act out as a way to numb the pain of unmet expectations.

Studies have shown that, while online porn use declines on Christmas Day itself, it spikes in the days after Christmas (and Thanksgiving, for that matter). There is a letdown and, after the “high” of the holiday, for addicts, the need to numb is strong.

Be aware and prepare your defenses for the almost inevitable temptations that will come in the days ahead. Make plans now (“while the iron is cold”) to head off your inclinations and short-circuit the ways you have dealt with disappointments in the past (by acting out).

To know you are prepared will make this an even Merrier Christmas

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