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Marriage is Life Football: Linebackers

“I want someone who's got my back."

Almost by definition, that is what Linebackers do. As we will discuss next time, the Defensive Line is—again almost by definition—the first line of defense. Linebackers are positioned just behind the D-Line and are some of the most versatile players on the field. They have to be because, on any given play they may be covering a speedy and shifty running back who has broken through the D-Line or a Wide

Receiver who is running a short route across the field. They must be strong enough to take on huge O-Linemen trying to clear a path for the runners and swift enough to keep up with swift-footed receivers.

Linebackers are often the captains of the Defense because they are in the middle of it all. Like Quarterbacks on the other side, they need to see the whole field and know what is happening not only in front of them but also behind them—not to mention on either side of them.

Sometimes being a married person means having your partner’s back—reacting to developments in front of you, making up for your partner’s lapses or helping out your Defensive Back partner as he or she tries to cover fast-developing events.

There will be times in your married life when you will need to cover your partner’s back. He or she will sometimes miss a tackle or zig left when they should have zagged right. Sometimes your partner will need to respond with rugged strength and sometimes with swiftness, running stride-for-stride with him or her as he or she tries to respond to a deep threat. You may need to be the captain, the one who calls the signals because you can see the whole field. There will be times when your role will NOT be to make the first contact, but to rush to assist and bring all your wisdom and strength to plug the hole. And, sometimes your job will just be to show up as your partner finishes the play and give the D-Line a word of encouragement.

What is the role of the D-Line in marriage? Next time . . .

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